The Remember the Lion brand’s main designers are András Oravecz and Endre Nándor Tóth.


Our Philosophy

Long term strategy!

It is true for our partnership, the cooperation with our clients, our design process – the product should be usable for the longest time-span possible.


Our greatest goal is to reach an equilibrium between function and aesthetics. The current society demands that objects which surround us in our daily life should make our life not only easier, but more beautiful.


The Company

András Oravecz & Endre Nándor Tóth pooled all their knowledge and skill, thus creating the Remember the Lion in 2013.

The common goal of our designer team is to bring to life products which are both stylish and high-value.

We find great inspiration in the past designs and we incorporate them with the most up-to-date technology.

,,Every day we drive ourselves to represent real value with our work. Our goal is to set an example in our approach to the clients, in our relationship with the fellow designers and colleagues and in our credo of design.”

The choice of our brand name has pristine roots, but projects a timeless value. In every blossoming culture the lion has its great place, from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to 19th century Hungary. This was presence was the main motivation in choosing a name for a designer office seated in the heart of Budapest.




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Address: 1027 Budapest Margit körút 50-52.
Tel: +361 790 1820
Mobile: +3670 905 8384


Remion Design Ltd.
address: Margit Krt. 50-52, Budapest 1027, Hungary
tax number: 24882891-2-12
company registration number: 12-09-008833
bank account number: 11702036-20727738-00000000
IBAN: HU73117020362072773800000000

Concrete Surface

Concrete Surface with various designs and types for limited edition beverages and glass objects.


The Designer team

Andras Oravecz graphic- and industrial designer & Endre Nandor Toth photographer and marketing.


Press appearances

Online link collection and blog: articles, interviews and personal rehearsals.


Prestige accessories

Premium design products made from genuine leather and sewed by hand.



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